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Online slots, including their free versions, are probably the most well-known and playable free gambling products in modern online casinos. There is no wonder about this popularity. It allows gamblers to play their favorite games without needing to download them or go through the registration process. It is so convenient to have access to platforms with bright games where you can enjoy them for free. 

SlotsLink prepared an essential guide about these unique iGaming activities, their special features, types, safety, and some points for playing slot machine games. In addition, you can find a collection of online slots on our site. They are free. Play them just for fun.

How to play free slot games online?

Free slots are similar to standard slot machines. Sometimes, it seems unusual if a player selects to dive into free online slots instead of playing with real money bets. However, when you understand free variant's peculiarities, everything clicks into place.

  • The main unique feature is an opportunity for beginners to get into online gambling. It is important for newcomers. They have a chance to gain a new experience absolutely for free without any risks. Imagine only players can have a lot of practice that will cost nothing for them. It is the right choice in order to try a new strategy or a trend game, learn rules and fundamentals, and continue developing the way of understanding the casino world. 
  • The second aspect is encouraging more gameplay. So, there is a variability of themes. Players can enjoy games based on films, anime, series, TV shows, and other intriguing plots. By the way, playing such bright games in combination with testing all the aspects and features of the game gives a key to understanding the game's basis. 
  • The third but prominent moment is the availability of different creators and providers that offer variable free slot games. Additionally, they present special offers in diverse forms, for instance, free spins, the availability of extra rounds, and other goodies.
  • Another main straightness of free slots is convenience. Play everywhere if you have a strong internet connection. 

Before starting your slot way pay attention to three things, you should remember for this purpose. 

First, be sure that you understand all the rules of this game before starting to play. It is a step to avoid missteps in the long run. 

Second, do not forget that slot machines have the main goal of being fun. Free versions cannot be a source of constant income. They are a perfect way to chill or relax.

The last one is to remember that the variety of this activity is huge. It will be interesting to practice your skills before betting real coins.

What should gamblers do to play this interesting game for free? Everything is pretty simple. You can follow these steps:

  • First, choose the game on our site; 
  • Place the amount of the bet and choose the number of paylines;
  • Click the "Spin" button in order to start a round (there is an option of auto spin); 
  • Use various bonuses that are available on the platform. These special offers can be different and can depend on the specific conditions of the game.
  • In addition, we prepared an important tip for you. It is better not to sign up with the first gambling club you meet in the net. Select only reputable and high-quality iGaming platforms to play with no risks and fears. You can pick one of the clubs we've already reviewed.

Play casino slots at our recommended casinos only!

Though, we are one of the best websites that offer free online slots. If you want to enjoy this bright type of gambling entertainemt for real money you need to pick real online casino!

There are so many online slots. But it does not mean that they are equal. Our team analyzed possible variants and gambling platforms and created a list of features to pay attention to when you select a website to play on (our specialists focused on them when we were making our list of recommended online casinos). Here are some useful tips:

  • First of all, we took the availability of the license into account. Our advice for you is to do the same. It is also very important for demo versions.
  • Our recommended online casinos do not require downloading any software in order to play free casino slots. Our advice is to avoid such gambling platforms where you should not install any software on your device. It is an essential aspect if you want to preclude any hacker attacks or dangerous viruses. 
  • Pay attention to the number of online gambling products that are available on the platform. There is a diversity of themes and types of such games. It means that players can easily find something for their tastes and interest. Moreover, numerous big-name providers offer demo versions of online slot machines. So, it is a perfect solution to enlarge your knowledge with no risk to your real money. For instance, iGaming clubs from our list offer games suitable for all devices. These games will be high-quality and amazing for any of these gadgets.

Play free casino games from any device you want

Very often, players have a difficult question "What devices can I use for playing free slots? It is more confusing for beginners in this sphere. But we will help you out!

Casino games, including demos, are available on different types of gadgets. It can be a smartphone, personal computer, laptop, gaming console, and other devices you can open web browser on. So, you can play them wherever you want. They are convenient and universal, for sure. For instance, many platforms have games that are adapted to phones or tablets. It is so cool! In this case, players have easy access to their favorite games whenever they have free time.

Let's have a detailed look at the free mobile versions of this game. Modern slot representatives have the same functions for both PC and mobile phones. They are comfortable using and playing. Moreover, bonuses and goodies will also be the same. No matter if you have iPhone or a smartphone based on Android. 

What is interesting, plenty of the top providers take this aspect into consideration, so the collection of mobile versions is impressive. One of the bright examples of outstanding gambling developers is Playtech. This company creates perfect free online slots that are available for any device. As a rule, every detail, including design and functions, is not changed for mobile gadgets. 

To sum up, we can say that mobile gambling is an important and outstanding achievement of today's iGaming. This opportunity is full of comfortable offers and options such as total safety. So, online casinos can present players with more additional benefits and a lot of enjoyment.

Free slots are legal and secure

Do you worry about the legitimacy of free online slots? Are you afraid to be arrested in your country? Here is the good news for you! You can play this game for fun without second thoughts about the law. They are legal in the USA, as well as in other countries. So, if you do not bet real coins in this game, it is not a real gambling. 

Last but not least. The industry of online casinos has impressively high standards of security and information protection. They use innovative technologies, for example, blockchain or encryption, for coding and protecting all the data from third parties. Also, players should pay attention to the availability of licenses and certifications from reputable gambling commissions, case in point, Malta GA, or the United Kingdom GC. These documents are a confirmation of fair results. So, if an online casino has such licenses, it means that online slots, including those that can be played for free, are certified too.  

Types of free online slot machines

During the last decade, online slots have increased the number of followers and fans. It is connected with their individual peculiarities and easy rules. What is pleasant, this game can impress players with numerous types. Here are some of them. Let's look at them closely:

  • Video slots are probably, the most popular variant of this casino game. They are totally free and have no requirements to download anything. Nevertheless, players can access significant functions and features, case in point, quality symbols (wild and scatter), slot bonuses, and active games with an intriguing plot. Speaking about promos, pay attention to free spins, which can enlarge your knowledge and experience. 
  • Classic type is known thanks to its easy and simple understanding and playing compared to other casino products. Such a type gives a chance to feel absolutely free using the option of demo modes. Classical symbols, in combination with pleasant bonuses, are waiting for players of this type. It is perfect if you are not a fan of complicated gameplay and fanciful graphics. As a rule, it has a setup with three reels and nine pay lines in total. 
  • Slots with 3D graphics are innovative representatives of modern gambling activities. This type is surely advanced due to its amazing graphics and unique visual effects. Moreover, all animations are 3-dimensional. It impresses players of different levels, from newcomers to professionals. 
  • Games with fruit machines are the well-known and oldest type of video slot (classic vegas slots). All symbols are presented in the fruit form. And free games are waiting for you there. Also, there are a lot of bonuses, such as free spins, extra rounds, and progressive jackpots.

Can free games increase the number of winning opportunities?

Playing casino games for free opens an option to find your favorite iGaming product, understand its special features, and general principles of slot machines. You should understand the work of reels, paylines, and the impact of your bets on them. Here is a hint for you – the biggest number of paylines to bet on gives you more chances to win. Also, you will receive information about prizes and bonuses. 

Another interesting opportunity is to try new activities, different strategies, and attitudes toward casino game you've selected. Moreover, you can increase the number of practices. All the mentioned options can help to become closer to winning. Of course, it does not mean that today is your lucky day.

What is RTP and is it same in free slots online?

RTP (return-to-player) is an important feature of online casino games, including slots. But do not focus on this factor a lot. These percentages depend on thousands or even millions of spins. In this case, if you select an online gambling platform with RTP that is equal to 95 percent, it will not mean that you will receive 95 dollars for every 100 dollars spent in this casino. 

The RTP means that a lucky player can hit jackpot on the first play and get nearly one million dollars. At the same time, other casino visitors (approximately 10,000 of them) will lose their bets. 

You can find RTP in demo modes too. It gives you an understanding of the frequency of payouts that an appropriate slot machine can pay. 

Can I play slots absolutely free?

Yes, for sure. There is no need to pay any charges for enjoying free slots. The only thing you should remember is they have no chance to snatch a large sum of money.

Where can I play slots for money?

You can play these games for money at any online casino from our list. We put together a selection of casinos with top online slots. Each game can be played without the need to download it.

Can I try free slot machines with no deposit in order to win real money?

Free slot machines do not propose winning prizes of real money. Also, there are no requirements to make a deposit for playing them. However, there are casinos like Bitfiring, they have bonus options which allow to win real money without spending your own. You can browse casinos on SlotsLink, we have few such variants with freebies that allow win real moeny without spending own.

Is it necessary to install free slot apps?

Usually, you need to install nothing to test free games at online casinos. On our platform you can enjoy demo slots with no installing apps or downloading. They all are free.