About US: Our team

Our team made up of specialists and former casino players. We small but agile, our experts in various fields related to online casinos have tons of experience. Most of us are current or former gamblers and therefore we know perfectly well the doubts of the novice player as well as the disappointment of the user who is a victim of an ill-intentioned casino. 

As a result, we have been committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in the content of Slotslink site since the beginning. Our site's content is designed to meet the needs of the casino fans in an unbiased manner.

We are cool guys who like gambling, and decided to create a website Slotslink on which anyone can try their luck in free casino games. Due to the fact that we have a small team - we work much faster, so we don't need any approvals, everyone does what he likes to do, for the benefit of all gamblers.

Why we made Slotslink? - The Slotslink website was created because there are a lot of scammers on the Internet and it is difficult to find a normal place with games or a casino where you can win honestly. You will not find any scams on our site, only fair casinos with access for players from the United States.

We Bring You a Hope for Good Gambling Entertainment

What do we bring to you? Value! At Slotslink, the content of which is produced by the joint action of experts in gambling field and professional writers, you will find more than 1000 free casino games and dozens of casino reviews.

We provide bonuses for our players. Slotslink platform gives you access to exclusive bonuses offered by casinos. Not all casino bonuses are honest. With our experience, we know this and we filter hundreds of bonuses to make sure that you only discover the best of the best.

A rigorous process

In order to give our players the best possible chance of success, our expertise alone is not enough. We add rigor and transparency. Each of the methods listed on our site have in fact been rigorously tested by at least two experts under the conditions of an ordinary player. 

All of the casinos on our site have been tested in total anonymity by at least two players following a standardized process that includes real money deposits and withdrawals. Without wishing to boast, we can say that for all players, new and old, our site is a valuable guide that guarantees security, time saving and fun.

We welcome you to Slotslink! May the luck be with you!