American Gangster Online Slot

What has already been the template for countless Hollywood movies is also implemented as a slot machine with the slot game American Gangster. And where there are gangsters, the loot usually can't be far away. With a bit of luck, you can get a good share of it and you don't even have to do more than just spin the reels. That sounds feasible and the Novoline machine offers you all the tools you need to make a profit. 

A bit of luck is also needed, but such a gangster life is not completely risk-free. To make sure that you really win, there are different symbols with their values. If you manage to win a line, your credit will increase. The joker of the game can be especially helpful. As always in the slot casino, it is the free spins where you can watch in peace as the winnings move into your account.

You don't even have to get serious about being a bandit, it's enough to go to Slotslink and play American Gangster for free.

American Gangster Slot

Play American Gangster online

The American Gangster slot machine scores with large and clear graphics. The game looks good, but is not too cluttered and so you can easily spin several rounds without it becoming too much. You can win here just like in other slot machines. It's all about the symbols that have to become rows. On the five reels are the symbols and after each rotation of all the reels, the motifs are naturally rearranged. With luck on your side, there are then winning rows. With even more luck, there are particularly good line wins, which also depends on the different symbols.

The betting ranges from 20 to 500 coins with coin values starting from $0.01. The minimum bet for a game round is $0.01 for one payline and $0.25 if all lines are activated. The theoretical payback to players is 95.04%.

A symbol in the American Gangster slot game always has a certain value for a certain length of the row. So there are strong and weaker symbols, but the value always increases with the length of the line. However, if you want to make really good winnings in American Gangster, you can't do it without your bet. You place a bet per spin, which counts for each of the 25 paylines. The higher it is, the higher the line win will be. However, you can also play with less than the maximum number of lines.

Slot game symbols in American Gangster online slot

Where gangsters are, card games are usually not far away and so not only the 9 and 10 fit well into the ambience, but also the four familiar letters for Jack, Queen, King and the Ace. Further it goes with pretty loot. This includes jewelry and a lot of money, followed by the car of the police, who want to take up the pursuit. The policeman is then followed by the obligatory beauty, which should not be missing. With a fancy hat, the American Gangster is equipped. He also serves as a substitute game. The view of the big city is your gateway to the slot's free spins.

American Gangster slot machine instructions

Gambling-wise, American Gangster doesn't ask for much. Even after you win, watch out for the gamble function, which allows you to double your winnings. With the card risk you only have to bet on the right color. If you want to try the whole thing without risk, it is best to opt for the free casino games variant.

Conclusion of the American Gangster slot

What is particularly appealing about American Gangster is the overview of the slot machine. Here you always know exactly where you stand. There is a wild card and also the possibility for free spins. This is basically enough for you to actually get some nice loot in the end.