Fishing Expedition Online Slot

The world of online casino games can be compared to the ocean. Despite its huge size and beautiful shade of water, you can easily get drowned. Similarly, although there are thousands of different casino games for every taste, not every one of them is safe. Speaking of water and casinos, we would like to get you acquainted with an amazing game that will not “drag you to the bottom”. By the way, KA Gaming, a sensational online slots developer known for its impeccable reputation, is responsible for creating such an amazing thing. In 2019 this provider released a mind-blowing game called Fishing Expedition. As you might have guessed, it is done with a nautical theme. This amazing game retains the principles of an online casino game but also has its innovations and even a mini-plot. In addition, if you want to make sure the quality of the Fishing Expedition is good enough, you also need to know its standard features. Perhaps it is time to start the review!

Fishing Expedition Slot Machine

Fishing Expedition Slot: Animations and visuals 

Probably, the interfaces of the games may not be important for some participants at all, and they are only interested in matters of navigation. However, we just can't help but notice all the nice details and the general appearance of the Fishing Expedition slot. First of all, the color scheme is well chosen by the theme of the sea. You will see blue soothing hues, yet bright and attractive. You will also notice the mountain scenery in the background. Secondly, every user is mesmerized by the animation elements in the game. The main plot is obviously fishing. There is a man in a boat who is fond of this activity. In addition to simply spinning the reels, the participant will need to help the virtual man to catch as much fish as possible. So, talking about the animations. After opening this online slot you will find colorful fish swimming back and forth. Also, the clouds are slowly floating in the sky. This is something new in the development of online gambling. And of course, the different fish are not only as decoration but also as symbols on the table!

Fishing Expedition Slot: Essential information about characters

Just imagine, there are fish in the game instead of boring numbers, letters, or fruit! There are eight kinds of fish overall. They can be in different sizes. This means that the value of each fish is not the same. In other words, all of them are paid in various ways. An interesting addition is that an empty can, a tire, a garbage bag, and a shoe with a hole do not bring you money because it is considered garbage. Isn't that hilarious? This detail gives an even greater sense of reality in the game.

On the other hand, there are no wild and scatter symbols. You will not have a chance to receive free spins as well, unfortunately. However, not every casino slot game should contain them to be considered good. 

What’s genuinely important is the way to earn huge money. Of course, you may wonder how big your winnings will be. In fact, it depends not only on how valuable combinations fall out but also on how you manage your bets. So, for example, the smallest fish can bring you fifteen cents or six hundred dollars, or a sum between these numbers. 

Fishing Expedition Slot: Available bets amounts & RTP

In fact, the betting range in Fishing Expedition is incredibly wide, which can not fail to please players. The smallest available wager value is $0.15. Well, speaking of the biggest bet, it is up to two thousand dollars. Thus, you can see that there will be no problems with setting the amount you need. As the saying goes, it is up to you! By the way, you could potentially win up to one million coins at a time! 

On the other hand, the RTP of this slot pleases the participants a little less. Actually, it is about 94%. In fact, it is not the worst percentage, but it is not perfect either.

Fishing Expedition Slot: Conclusion 

To sum up, Fishing Expedition is not a standard slot game, familiar to everyone. It is undoubtedly different from what you see when you go to online casino sites. However, Fishing Expedition is still considered to be video slots. This is likely to be a unique experience and a fun activity for any casino fan. It is going to be a whole adventure! And just pay attention to sounds! Even such little things are noticed by the developers, of course. They try to pick up the appropriate sound effects, such as the noise of the river, the voice of the character, the suitable music, etc. Apart from that, a person can choose not to put much effort and activate an autoplay mode anytime. Similarly, he can get back to the standard mode. In fact, the navigation is as simple as possible in this game. That's why you will not get confused. So understanding further instructions will not be too difficult.

Thus, you can go to the Fishing Expedition game and have a great time whenever you want. It brings a lot of positive emotions and pure pleasure. What is more, you will not leave empty-handed