Free Penny Slots – Unique Chance to Practice Your Skills More

Here you can try penny slots and other cheap-to-bet online casino games!

Are Free Penny Slots a Good Idea for Beginners?

Penny slots are a type of "one-armed bandits" that is famous and very popular among newbie players worldwide. You can meet this game in a real casino and online gambling clubs as well. Following the experts' and players' reviews and opinions, such popularity is connected to gamblers who make small bets (starting from 1 cent).

This iGaming activity allowed players to enjoy this game with a small amount of cash, such as pennies, or for free thanks to Free Spins provided from online casinos. This aspect gives feelings of safety and comfort. But it is not obligatory to play cheap, and you can undoubtedly increase your betting by simply increasing bet per line. 

Free penny slots – what are they? 

As we mentioned, this game allows gambling with one penny or cent for one bet line. As a result, you will have a summarized wager equal to only a couple of pennies for one spin. These games are available with different currencies, including crypto. "Penny" is a symbol to show the tiny denomination of money. So for this reason, these types of slots game is called "penny slot." So, this game is the perfect solution for beginners or players with a small budget. Probably, this gambling game is the best variant of slot machines for beginners. 

Penny Slots On Mobile

Nowadays, all modern gaming developers pay regard to the compatibility of their products with different types of gadgets. Thanks to innovative technologies, iGaming activities are available for all devices, including smartphones. Nowadays, it does not matter whether you have a phone based on android or iOS or whether you use Google Chrome browser or Opera. 

Every game is adapted to these gadgets. It means you will not feel the difference in gameplay, graphics, sound effects, or themes. Consequently, it is up to you to download any apps or go to the casino platform to enjoy penny games for money or just stay with SlotsLink and play for free.

Types of penny slots for free at SlotsLink  

Penny slots can be different. Some representatives have three reels and only one pay line, and other games have more than five paylines. However, the most significant part of these slots can have nine to twenty-four paylines. So, it is the aspect of classic penny slots variation of games. 

Among all the peculiarities, we want to underline the division of these machines that are connected with winnings:

  • The progressive type is a game with small betting but with the option to win a massive prize. Other features of this type are the same as classic slots have (for instance, fruit games).  
  • The non-progressive type is a game based on the availability of extra winning opportunities, but at the same time, the prize pool will be manageable. Speaking of free penny slots, they are commonly in this category. 

Practical tips for playing free slots penny

Every gambling activity is underpinned by fortune and skills. And penny slots is no exception. It is known that skills and knowledge run the world of iGaming. So, to increase your winning chances and avoid unpleasant situations while playing, follow these steps:

  • Payouts are perfect. It is an excellent idea to gamble only on machines with a high RTP percentage (at least 96 percent). 
  • Use all the possible paylines. It is a step to increased victory chances. Moreover, it will be a manageable amount of money. 
  • Experience is power. If you want to be a winner in this game (as well as other casino activities), learn its rules and unique features and play for free. It will help to understand the betting mechanism, know about possible winnings, and practice new strategies.
  • It is better to avoid significant losses. If you feel that almost every bet does not strike home and your losses are incurred, trying other machines is a great idea.

Top features of free online penny slots 

Individual features are the exciting moment of all casino games. Of course, enthusiasts may be interested in such aspects of penny slots. But first, here is the only minus of this game. It is small winnings. They are connected with the amount of your wager. So, low bets bring small winnings. 

Now it is time to look at the advantages of penny slots:

  • Accessibility on different devices. It is one of the biggest pluses of this activity, especially when you realize that you can install no apps for this purpose;
  • These games are full of entertainment and fun. They do not require super-strong strategies, so you can relax and enjoy every moment of your game;
  • Bets cost practically nothing. Do you remember that you can gamble for cents? 
  • Ideal solution for newcomers. These activities are the best for you if you just come to the world of slot machines and iGaming in general. You will not think about fears and risks in this case. The option to bet a little is a perfect start for sure. 


Penny slot games: what are they?

This game allows gambling with small wager limits. Such games start with 1 cent bets per line!

Can I enjoy free penny slots on mobile?

There is no doubt, you can! With the improvement of technologies that are used in the industry of online gambling it is possible to play almost any casino game on any device you want. It means that you can be satisfied with penny games on your smartphone as well as on PC. The only need is the strong internet connection.

What strategy can I use in order to become a winner in penny slots games?

Actually, any slot game is mostly based on fortune. However, you can follow some useful tips for increasing your chances. For instance, to wager the maximum payline number can elevate the frequency of paying.