Free Roulette Games – Get Fun and Experience

Play free roulette games right here, with no sign-up or download, and instantly experience the thrill of online roulette, without risking your cash.

Roulette. This word is very strong and occupies the mind of every gambler. Even people far from gambling has heard about this amazing game. But did you know that you can play any roulette game for free? At SlotsLink we have collected all the special features and variations of roulette games. Also, we prepared free gambling entertainment that is surely worth your attention.

Aspects of free roulette games

Every game has its rules. Now it is time to discuss rules in roulette games. It is an essential moment to receive a perfect iGaming experience. Main rules are:

  • There are 36 sections on the wheel (plus 0 and 00, these fields depend on the type of the roulette game);
  • Select a spot for your bet;
  • Remember that the dealer will pay the winner. If you lose, he will take your bet;
  • Put your bet before the betting option is closed (this is true only in real and live roulette variations);
  • Pockets are black and red colors, plus one green for zero;
  • The American variant has an additional pocket of the double zero;
  • You cannot change anything in the gameplay while the spin session is in the process;
  • All payouts are made according to the paytable. Each type of roulette has own paytable, but they are mostly same in odds and win ratio.

Free roulette game types

Free variants are a perfect opportunity to test diverse types of this game. So, what variants can you enjoy for free? They are the following:

  • American variation. The main hallmark is the double zero section on the game wheel;
  • European variation has only one pocket with zero, but it has the best house edge among other types of the game;
  • French variation looks like the European, but it has extra options of 2 side bets. They are called La Partage and En Prison. Of course, they will make your game more head-spinning;
  • Mini roulette is a super-fast variation in comparison with others. It has similar rules. But there are just twelve numbers. 
  • And all of the roulette types mentioned above has their live variations. Live allows you to play real roulette via broadcast\live translation of the game from real casino\studio.

Mobile compatibility 

We are always in a rush. We want to be on the go all the time. So, it is very important to have everything under our fingertips. Our favorite games is no exception.

Demo variations of roulette are available for any device you have. No matter whether you gamble on a desktop PC or mobile phone. Everything will be perfect! 

Moreover, there is no need to install any apps, just click the game on site and play. Graphics, design, and gameplay will be the same because most casino platforms are mobile-friendly. 

Why select free games of roulette? 

There are a lot of reasons for selecting demo games:

  • They are free. You will not face hidden charges or other tricks. Enjoy a game with no risks of real money.
  • There is an opportunity to find out your game. What do we mean? You can test every variant for free and decide what is better for you. It is an additional step for getting more practice. 
  • Understanding the bets and rules. They are very important. It is connected with the availability of more than 20 different bets in this entertainment. 
  • Bright emotions are waiting for you. It is so exciting and, at the same time challenging to chase a victory! And these feelings will double thanks to demo versions because there are no risks and no fear in such games.

Can I enjoy free roulette games with no registration on a website?

No doubt, you can. There is no need to give details about your personality or bank information on SlotsLink. Just pick the game you like and play.

Can I play Live roulette game for free?

No, we dont have such games in our portfolio. However, you can pick online casino from our list, register and play live casino games there.

Can I enjoy all roulette games for free?

Yes, you have such a possibility.

Can I win real money in free roulette games?

Unfortunately, no. If your desire is to win a real money prize, you should make a bet in real online casino. At SlotsLink we have only free games, no real money gambling.