Video Poker Games for Free – a Key to Master Your Skills

Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker and many others.

Who did not hear about video poker? This iGaming product is present at real casinos, different bars, and online gambling clubs. And nowadays, it is possible to enjoy this game absolutely for free. Demo versions of this gambling game are bright and worth players` attention. They have their nuances and peculiarities. These aspects you can learn in this article. In addition, we offer a fantastic portfolio of other free casino games. Stay with SlotsLink and get bright emotions everyday!  

Short guide of rules of video poker games for free 

Similar to other casino games, this activity has unique features and limitations. Speaking about peculiarities, this activity takes a deck with 52 cards, and all variants of video poker have a draw system of five cards. The main goal is to collect the most comprehensive card combination to become a winner. 

The next thing is to pay regard to the rules of this iGaming activity. Some steps will help you to master your skills and be a champion:

  • Run a game that will suit you. It means that there are hundreds of types of this activity. You can choose a classic variant or prefer a modern one. The main point is to play an activity you understand. Additionally, remember to check RTP. This percentage influences the fairness of the results. 
  • Think about your wager. Here it would be best if you thought about the number of credits you want to play every round. As standard, you can use 1-5 credits per spin. 
  • Deal the cards 
  • After wagering, it is time to click on "Deal." This button starts the game mechanically, and you will receive your hand.
  • Select the cards you want to keep. 
  • Work at the understanding of the paytable. What does it mean? Here we can compare video poker to Texas Hold 'em based on card rankings. Of course, the poker machine will show you a combination you collect, but it is a perfect solution to learn all the combinations first. 
  • Manage your bankroll. Yes, it is essential for free versions too. Bankroll management is undoubtedly a step to success. Think about limits you can play with and do not go out of them.

Variants of free video poker

There is plenty of different variations of this fantastic casino activity. Every one of them has its own rules and unique features. We want to focus on the most prominent of them:

  • Jacks or Better is a well-recognized representative that is played worldwide. This variant uses classic cards but from Aces to Kings. They are in four suits. Moreover, you can find extra cards – jokers that can be added to any card to create a combination that is as strong as possible. As you can see from its name, the lowest combination that can win is Jacks. 
  • Deuces Wild has slight differences. This variant does not have Jokers. Instead of them, 2s have a wild power. 
  • Pick 'em Poker. In this variant, you receive just two cards, and later you get another pair. From these two pairs, you should select only one. After making this decision, "inappropriate" cards will "volatilize," and you will get two other cards to complete your combination. 
  • Double Bonus Poker is the same as Jacks or Better. However, it has its complications. A minor combination that can win is still two Jacks. At the same time, you should pay for enlarged payouts for choosing four of kind combinations.

Hints for good results at free poker games online 

Our experts have created a list of essential tips and hints that will help you to achieve a great result in this challenging game. This list consists of steps you should follow:  

  • Master your skills with demo versions. With their help, you will not only have fun but also learn game nuances. 
  • Cheatsheets can be used. What are they? They are sheets with all video poker combinations according to their variants. You can keep this paper in front of you to have a look if you forget something. 
  • Remember the value of cards. It is the foundation of every strategy. This step will help you quickly to understand what card you need to complete your combination.
  • Become a master at specific games. It is connected with the fact that every variant has a complex and unique strategy. That is why pro gamblers select one or a couple of variations and learn them carefully. 

Benefits of online video poker games

Now you know different types of this game, and their particular qualities, understand how to play this activity, and learn about practical tips for gambling. It is time to discuss the benefits of demo versions:

  • There is zero risk; 
  • They help to understand the principles and mechanisms of this activity;
  • Extensive availability;
  • No thoughts about your bankroll;
  • They give a perfect opportunity to deal with game rules.


Is free video poker any different from real money one?

The rules of demo modes are the same as real money video poker has. There is the only main dissimilarity. It is in betting virtual money.

What can I win playing video poker for free?

Speaking about demo versions, we can say that there you play with FUN coins. So, you do not have an opportunity to win real money. Nevertheless, free versions are a key to increasing your bankroll managment experience during real money game.

Is it obligatory to install App for Video poker demo?

No, it is up to you. You may download special software or just play at SlotsLink site. You can use your mobile phone or gamble on a desktop PC\Mac.