Gold Miners Online Slot

Get your pickaxes ready for some extensive gold mining! Mister Slotty introduces a great slot called Gold Miners to you. Undoubtedly, it will increase your progress in online casino games. You will feel like a real miner searching for jewels. Except you do not have to work a nine-hour shift wearing yourself out. With this slot, any participant will find himself in a position of a real gold digger! Can you name someone who does not love such entertaining adventures? Your primary mission will be to discover and get income from the treasure! This is a beautiful opportunity to become a rich man in the blink of an eye! In addition, you will be filled with high spirits from the first minutes of the game. It can be explained by the slot's extremely good quality and pleasant conditions. Once you start the round, you will feel the positive part of the spectrum of human emotions. Moreover, you will be surprised by a couple of things playing Gold Miners. And we are going to describe what exactly gets a person so excited.

Gold Miners Slot by Mr.Slotty

Gold Miners Slot: Interface description 

So, the appearance of the Gold Miners slot looks something like this: in the background, you can see a mountainous landscape next to a river. In the spotlight is the mechanism for mining and wagons on the rails that deliver them to their destination. In addition, you will notice an employee supposedly controlling the process. There is a table in a wooden frame in the center where the slots' cells replace each other repeatedly. The idea behind the Gold Miners is quite original and unique because you are unlikely to find any other slot game of the same quality or with a similar theme. Apart from that, the characters also represent the general concept. Dynamite, pickaxes, ropes, lamps, wagons of gold, and other tools used in the mines fit in perfectly. Just imagine, even that worker depicted outside the table is also a symbol in the game. So, all these and other characters take their place in special imaginary cells, which are formed due to the rows and columns. The table is 5x3, meaning there are three rows and five columns (called reels). Thus, there is space for fifteen symbols at once. The size of the grid is important when choosing the number of paylines since these two things are closely related to combinations of certain symbols and your winnings.

Gold Miners Slot: Number of paylines 

There are twenty-five paylines in total in Gold Miners. Actually, this is their maximum number. Fortunately, each participant has the right to regulate these lines as he wants, that is either to decrease or increase them. So, it is up to you. In general, 25 paylines is a great number for a 5x3 table. They are needed so that you can get income from winning combinations. And the more paylines are involved the more symbols will be connected into combinations. Also, some of them will bring the player even more money because they may contain special symbols. Let's see what bonuses will be available to you.

Gold Miners Slot: Bonuses in the game

Unfortunately, this slot has fewer bonuses than players would like. Nevertheless, a few features can still be used. For example, you will find scatters and wild symbols that will help you increase your income. In addition, scatter symbols will give you free spins. Their number can be random, from one to ten spins. However, to be able to play for free for some time, the participant must receive at least three scatters on the table.

In addition, Gold Miners has two game modes. They are called basic and bonus rounds. The bonus rounds will increase your winnings several times. Of course, bonuses are very nice, but understanding the stakes is much more important.

Gold Miners Slot: Betting process 

Of course, in Gold Miners, as in any other casino game, you choose a bet size based on your preferences. You may want to start small to get used to the gameplay and the game. In this case, you can bet twenty-five cents. This is the minimum investment amount. If you are the kind of person, who likes to play big, choose the maximum bet of twenty-five dollars. When you doubt how to manage your bets best, you can change them periodically. That way, you will avoid losing a lot of money.

Gold Miners Slot: RTP

RTP of a slot shows what part of the money is credited to you and what is kept in the casino. As for Gold Miners, the platform on which you play takes 6% of your winnings. Accordingly, the RTP of this slot is 94%.

Gold Miners Slot: Conclusion 

Thus, you are familiarized with the main characteristics of the remarkable slot called Gold Miners now. As you can see, this game has an unusual idea that will diversify your gambling experience. The game conditions are generally favorable here, and the navigation is very straightforward. By the way, the added sound effects in this game are chosen appropriately and succinctly. This, try playing Gold Miners for a change!