Jogo Do Bicho Online Slot

We will tell you about the rules, slot management, symbols and payouts, the presence of a demo mode, and additional features.

The Return to Player (RTP) rate is 94%. This is a low figure, which means that you will both win and lose in the long run.

Game Description

As soon as you start the game, you are immediately greeted by a friendly character - a cute bull with a nose ring and a long thick bang. He invites you to take a short but informative tour of the game.

The slot has several game modes and types of bets: Simple, double, triple mode, etc.

Try to select the dual game mode - in this case, you must choose two animal characters. Let it be an elephant and a dog. You have chosen, and the symbols depicting these animals fit on the board on the right. We see that the rate is equal to 1 fan credit. We can assume that, in this way, you have chosen your bet. Now it's time to start the slot. Click the Play button.

After that, the left side of the screen will be highlighted, and we will see five wooden numbered boxes. Ok, let's see. The bull offers to guess who hid in the boxes.

The player gets a payout for a combination of certain animals described in the paytable. Random animals start to crawl out of the boxes. It can be a goose, a rabbit, a sheep, a chimpanzee and other characters depicted on the playing field in the middle of the screen. If you are lucky and the animals you bet on are hidden in the boxes, you will receive your reward.

Bvk suggests that several bets can be placed on one round at once.

The game is exciting, unlike any of the slots we are used to seeing in the online casino lobby.

Let's take a closer look at the game.

Jogo Do Bicho: History and Rules

Jogo Do Bicho has its roots deep in Brazilian history. This game can even be called national.

The slot chooses a large number of players for simple but exciting rules. It's easy to figure it out, but the chances of winning are quite high.

At the top of the screen, you can select the game mode. And then select the animals to bet on the playing field. So, you can bet the number of active symbols per spin: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pieces.

There are many options for animals—both exotic and familiar creatures. There are even birds: an eagle, a turkey, an ostrich, a rooster and a peacock.

If you don't want to place animals, select the Advance mode. Button with the image of 3 gold stars. In this case, bets will be made with coins.

In the upper right corner, there are 2 more function buttons. Here you can read the detailed rules of the game and adjust the sound.

Each animal symbol is responsible for certain numbers. In total, the number range from 1 to 99 is covered.

For example, the turkey is responsible for the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The eagle is responsible for the numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8. And so on.

In total, there are 25 different characters on the field. There are cows, butterflies and even dogs.

There are 2 types of rates in the lot:

  • Animal bets.
  • Number bets.

If you choose the triple bet mode, you can choose 3 animal symbols. If you choose Double bet, you can get two symbols. And so on.

The largest bet multiplier in this mode is x17,000. Such a big win is due if you have collected 5 animals in the boxes on which you made a bet.

Bets on numbers suggest 3 more modes:

  • Ten (multiplies the bet by x50).
  • Hundred (multiplies the bet by x500).
  • Thousand (multiplies the bet by x5000).

More information about the game's rules and the paytable can be found in the slot itself, in the Settings section.

Jogo Do Bicho: Control Panel

At the bottom of the screen are the following function buttons:

  • The window with the player's balance. In demo mode, this is 1000 fan credits.
  • Button to start a random bet. Click it to have the computer randomly select symbols to bet on.
  • Game button. Hold the mouse on it longer to start the Auto Spin mode. If you want to stop auto bets, click the same button again.
  • Button for adjusting the size of the bet. The minimum bet is 1 fan credit. The maximum bet is 100 fan credits.

Jogo Do Bicho Slot Design and Sound

You don't need the last button. After all, the soundtrack in the slot is very pleasant and unobtrusive. At some point, it may seem that you are on a fun farm or turned into some spring carnival. The music is upbeat, like the picture. Animation and graphics are drawn with high quality and super detailed. The colors are carefully chosen. In general, the slot looks really harmonious.

Jogo Do Bicho: Demo mode

The developer, of course, made sure you can play this slot in free mode. So, they could understand the rules of the game, practice, and have fun without any risks to their wallet. Then, after a while, you can easily switch to the real money game mode. Such an opportunity is provided in this casino. Just before you play for money, we recommend that you decide on the amount with which you can afford to say goodbye. You may win, as a result of which you will increase your budget. But, if the random number generator is not on your side this time, you will be ready for losses. And they will not hit your wallet significantly.

Jogo Do Bicho Slot: Conclusion

BGaming's Jogo Do Bicho is unlike any of the usual online casino slots. Yes, there are no reels, wild and scatter symbols, no bonus features and free spins. In general, no paraphernalia familiar to players.

But, from this the game is even more attractive, because it is really unusual. train your skills and have fun. And cute animals will definitely help you with this.

We hope our review was helpful to you. We wish you good luck and big wins!