Keno plus 2Balls Online Slot

Do you like lottery games but are looking for something different? Then Keno +2Ball is just the keno game for you! First, choose between 2 and 10 numbers (or let the game choose them for you at random). Then start drawing 20 numbers. If the numbers you have chosen match the numbers drawn, you win! Sometimes, depending on your prize, you can draw two different numbers to increase your win! Play now!
Your goal in Keno +2Ball is to match the numbers you have chosen with the 20 balls drawn after placing your bet.

Bonus Balls

When you meet one of the prize requirements written in yellow on the screen, the game allows you to purchase two extra balls. With these balls, you can win an even bigger prize.

Keno2Balls - casino game

Game settings

In the "Bet" section, you can set your bet for the next round with the "+/-" buttons. Your total stake is displayed in the same section.
Click on the "Rules" button to consult the game rules.

Gameplay of Keno +2Ball

Manually pick 2 to 10 numbers by clicking on them or use the "Quick Pick" button to select ten numbers randomly. You can also cancel your selection by clicking on the numbers individually or using the "Erase" button.
By clicking on the "Play" button (the "Play" arrow), 20 of the 80 numbers are drawn. By clicking "Automatic," the balls are drawn one after the other. The program draws the balls until the automatic drawing is stopped with the "Stop" button or until you have the opportunity to buy extra balls.

The numbers drawn that match those you have chosen are automatically marked with a yellow background, while all numbers that have been drawn but do not match yours are marked in white.
You can see the number of hits needed to win a prize on the left side of the screen. If the required numbers are drawn, the amount of your award is marked in yellow.

Please also refer to all rules in the game itself. No responsibility is assumed for the completeness or accuracy of this text. In case of errors, all payouts and plays are canceled.