Plinko XY Online Slot

As you know, the Internet replenishes new online casino games daily. Now it is acceptable to find something that suits your taste. For example, you can check out the Plinko XY video slot in this article. It was developed by BGaming quite recently, in 2022. And there is much to learn about this slot because it distinguishes it from other modern games. It started with its unusual name and ended with a unique game screen. At first glance, the interface does not attract people's attention, but do not judge a book by its cover! Get comfortable and read why the innovative slot Plinko XY is an extraordinarily profitable and exciting game and how you can significantly improve your capital with it. We do not want to spoil you, but if you are patient enough, then you will find the most pleasant additional prizes and sound characteristics. This will make it much easier to become the lucky guy who always wins!

Plinko XY: Introduction to the game rules

Well, let's start right now. The game screen is the first important thing to get acquainted with because it can confuse you. The interface of this slot is relatively primitive. It is done in the usual gray color and plain scheme. You will not see any fruit, landscapes in the background, attractive pictures or characters, or bright neon colors. Overall, Plinko XY has a minimalistic design that will not distract you from the process of winning money. By the way, the user will not even find the usual cells with different symbols. They are absent from the game. How come? The thing is that the playing field is not a table. This is more of a pyramid or isosceles triangle. It includes small white dots, the number of which increases with each row. Thus, these circles make up the lines. The top row contains three dots, the next four, the next five, and so on. A great feature is that the participant can choose the number of lines. The size of the pyramid depends on them. The minimum number is eight lines, and the maximum is sixteen. However, the question remains about what they are for and why they are arranged this way. If you look closely, you can see a hole above the top row. When you start the game, several yellow balls come out of it. The main goal of these balls is to get to the bottom of the screen. This can be done in different ways because white dots hinder it. That is, each time the button is pressed, the balls will travel to the very end of the triangle. But where does it end up?

Prize boxes and risk levels

So, the final destination of the ball is the special prize boxes. This is where your winnings are determined. Two main factors besides luck influence it. The first one you already know. This is the number of lines involved in the game. The more lines you choose, the more colored boxes are at the bottom. Secondly, you need to be aware of the three modes of playing in the Plinko XY. There are three different levels of risk. They determine the number that is written on each box. These numbers are the odds showing how much your bet is multiplied and how much you will receive. By the way, clicking on any box will tell you how much the player will win if the ball hits that particular box, apart from that. You will see the chances of hitting that particular box. You can choose low, normal, or high risk. For example, if you pick high risk, the odds on the edges of the pyramid increase considerably, and those in the middle decrease respectively. That is why you need to decide which strategy suits you better.

Plinko XY Betting process

The best strategy for the game is making the right bets. The Plinko XY has two betting mods. These are automatic and manual. If you want to adjust your wagers, a special panel is at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the minimum bet size is one FUNToken. In dollar currency, it is less than one cent. And the maximum available bet size in Plinko XY is one hundred FUNTokens which is about 69 cents.

RTP of the game

This is the nicest characteristic of this game because its RTP is very high compared to the average. Just imagine, the RTP of the Plinko XY is 99%! This means that your winnings will be accrued with a minimum fee for the casino (only one percent).

To sum up, the Plinko XY game is extremely easy. In addition to all of the above features, you may notice a special section with information about your game, such as time, bet, and winnings. That is, the results are recorded there. So you can safely open another tab and turn on the game Plinko XY! Overall, this game knows how to pleasantly surprise users and win their love, even though so little time has passed since its creation.