Quest for Gold Online Slot

Quest for Gold from the gambling provider Novomatic will not leave anyone indifferent.

In this review, we will analyze this sensational game's settings, rules, payments, and other characteristics for you. After 5 minutes, you will know everything you need about the game. And you can run the slot more confidently. And even play real money bets.

Quest for Gold Slot: Control Panel

The slot control panel is in the usual place for all online casino games.
From left to right, there are such buttons:

  • The menu button lets you read the rules and see the payment table.
  • The number of game lines. You can install 5, 10, or 20 lines.
  • The size of the bet varies from 0.20 to 100 virtual dollars. Players also set this indicator on their own.
  • Player's game balance. If you play in a demo mode, you will see 100 virtual dollars on your account when starting a slot.
  • Button maximum bet.
  • Auto game mode button.
  • Start button.

A little below these buttons is another small strip with additional functions. You will find the sound control buttons and the fullscreen mode, and you can check the current time here.

Quest for Gold Slot: Symbols

All characters are made in the style of an adventure story. Here you will find the standard card symbols, which are the cheapest. And there are thematic items with pictures:

  • A necklace with an emerald.
  • Monkey.
  • Golden pyramid among the jungle.
  • Treasure map.
  • Traveler.

The necklace is the cheapest symbol, bringing $5 payments for two symbols in the line.

Monkey, Gold pyramid, and traveler also work when they appear in the line in an amount of 2 pieces.

A treasure map is a symbol of Scatter. For three pieces, the player receives ten bonus free spins. During free spins wagering, money is not debited from the player's account.

You will receive 12 free spins for 4 Scatter symbols.
And for five such characters on the field, you will receive as many as 15 bonus games. Very generous, do you agree with us?

Quest for Gold Slot: Auto Mode

In this slot, you can't set the number of automatic rotations. If you want the machine to rotate automatically, press the Auto mode button. Money will be credited from your balance until you turn off the mode.
This function is perfect for those players who like to sit in front of the screen for a long time, spinning the drums, but do not want to be distracted every time by the necessity to press the Start button. Roughly speaking, they want their hands to be free. So, you can play and drink tea, eat your meal, scroll the tape of social networks, and much more.

Demo Mode

Of course, the developer made sure that you had the opportunity to play Quest for Gold Slot in free mode. If you are a beginner and need help understanding how the slot mechanics are arranged, what payments are here, and how often the machine gives, you can play for free. In general, if you want to play in a safe mode, run the game in the demo mode. In this case, you can figure out all the settings, see the gameplay, and have a cool time. Later, when you can check how often and in what size the slot gives, you can choose a paid game mode.


Well, now you know about the main features of this game. And you will want to try to launch it on your computer or smartphone. Please keep in mind that we always recommend allocating as much money for the game as you can afford to spend. After all, no one can predict how the slot will behave at a certain point in time. The result of the game depends only on the random number generator. Be careful.

And we also advise you to see other reviews on our website. We have a lot of interesting games with a demo mode of various themes. The number of providers will also pleasantly surprise you. You will choose from such a variety easily, believe us!

Thank you for reading our review. We hope it was very useful and interesting for you. 

We wish you a good day, good luck, and huge wins.