Rock Paper Scissors Online Slot

Hello! We are thrilled that you are on this page. So you want to get to know the Rock-Paper-Scissors Slot from the developer EVO closer. Okay, great. And today, we will tell you the most important thing about this game. Read this review. And in 5 minutes you will know everything about this game. Control panel, symbols, pay table, additional features, demo game mode—everything you need to know to feel confident playing this slot. So sit back and start reading.

Rock,Paper, Scissors Slot Machine

Rock Paper Scissors: Game Theme

The brave medieval Vikings inspired the game's creators, so the main items of the game Rock-Paper-Scissors are not depicted in an entirely classical sense. In the form of knives, there are two swords crossed in battle. A stone is a piece of rock. Paper is a bundle.
And, of course, the warriors are everywhere.

Rock Paper Scissors: Rules of the game

The goal of the game is simple. Everything is just like in life. You must choose one of three items: Rock, Scissors, or Paper. And your item should be more robust than your opponent's.
So, scissors cut paper, so they are stronger.
The stone blunts the scissors, which means it is more potent.
And the paper covers the stone, hides it. So paper wins over scissors.
The game process is straightforward but very funny.
After you place a bet and press the Play button, the curtain with symbols rises, and the following picture is offered to your attention.

Two strong Vikings are fighting on board the boat, using the items you and the computer have chosen.

They can fight with rolls of paper. Fight with swords. Or throwing stones.
Above, we have already said which symbol wins in different combinations. But there may be a draw, be prepared for this.

Rock Paper Scissors: Control Panel

The game control panel is simple and clear. There is nothing extra here. All buttons are visible. There are three symbols on the playing field. These are stone, scissors, and paper. Just below the button to select the bet. You will see buttons with information and game rules on the right side of the screen, under an imaginary bundle where your game history will be displayed.

The game is made in gorgeous and rich colors. You will not get bored, even sitting up for several hours playing this game.
As we said, the buttons for setting the bet size are under the game symbols.

The minimum bet is one credit. The maximum bet in demo mode is 50 coins.
Suppose you are playing in free mode. The player's balance has 100,000 virtual coins. The game's history, the balance's size, and the buttons with information and settings are located on the right side of the screen.

Rock Paper Scissors: Demo mode

Of course, the developer wants to attract as many players as possible to his brainchild. Therefore, devs built a free game function into the slot. So, if you are a beginner and feel little confidence in yourself, start playing a paid game. Just select the option to play in demo mode. This way, you can exercise without any risk to your wallet. At the same time, gain invaluable experience and understood the game settings and its rules. And also, get acquainted with the paytable and determine which symbols bring how much money.

And then, with complete confidence in your knowledge, you can try to play for money. But remember, we recommend allocating as much money for the game as you would not mind losing. If the gameplay suddenly goes differently than your plan. Yes, it happens. And it would be best if you were ready for this.

Rock Paper Scissors: Conclusion

This game is designed specifically to cheer you up on the saddest day. You don't have to strain your head to learn complicated rules. You don't have to sweat to understand the paytable and additional features. Everything is clear and straightforward here. This game is a real find for those who are looking for simple but exciting gameplay with colorful graphics. And he loves to laugh. We are sure you will not be able to resist the cutest Vikings, who will fight with swords, bundles, or stones. This is very nice.

We recommend this slot not even for making money but just for fun. Stop scrolling through social media feeds; do something fun and not annoying. Namely, spin the Rock-Paper-Scissors slot in demo mode.