She/He_club Online Slot

Do you like to party on the dance floor until morning? Or maybe you love pouring cocktails, enjoying loud pop music, and exchanging witty jokes with friends? Agree all people need to be able to have fun after a tedious everyday routine. You do not even have to go to a club to experience the genuine atmosphere of a carefree youth. If, in addition to sleepless nights in the noisiest places of the country, you also prefer online casinos, this review will reveal the product that is noticeable among the boring old games. MrSlotty, one of the top online game providers, will give everyone those unforgettable moments with great casino slots. It is called the She/He Club. This game was released quite a long time ago, in 2014. But it still can be considered very creative and astonishing. We hope that this review will help you better understand the themes and characteristics of the She/He Club. Have a whale of a time at the slot party! 

She/He Club

Getting to know the interface

So, the visuals in this game are striking. You will be transported to the nightclub, where everything is drawn to the smallest detail. For example, on the right side of the screen, you will see the bar with the visitors and the bartender mixing the drinks. At the same time, the DJ stand is on the left side. And indeed, the sound effects in this slot are chosen perfectly. The added music plunges you into the atmosphere of fun. However, you can mute the sound if you wish. You will be asked about it before you start playing. In addition, even the symbols fit into the theme of the slot and are quite unusual. It is worth saying a few words about them, too.

The variety of symbols

You did not expect the She/He Club slot to contain berries, fruits, or animals as symbols, did you? Instead, the user will see funny images related to the club theme. For example, a DJ console, a dazzling, sparkling disco ball, a blue cocktail with lime, a phone with a selfie picture, and so on. However, in addition to them, some symbols depict specific actions of people. For instance, customers at the bar, an angry security guard near the entrance, a man with a giant birthday cake, a girl on the dance floor, etc. All of these characters will bring you generous winnings, as well as additional bonuses.

Winning combinations and bonuses 

In general, the system of winnings in the She/He Club does not differ from the standard one. The player has to collect three to five of the same symbol to get a lot of money. In addition, the game has wild symbols that unlock special prizes. For example, five wild symbols allow winning up to two thousand dollars at once!

Apart from that, the slot has an added free spins feature. Their number can vary, mostly from one to ten. The only way to take advantage of this prize is to get several cocktail symbols, namely three to five. So you can play for free for a while. However, it would be best to consider another thing, without which you will not receive profitable combinations.

Playing table and paylines 

Paylines play an important role when it comes to slots. For those who do not know, paylines are straight or curved lines that form combinations of symbols. You can choose how many paylines you want to play with. Whether you win more or less money depends on it. In She/He Club, you can pick from one to twenty-five paylines. Remember that you can change their number at any time. Thus, the more lines are included, the greater your chances of becoming the owner of large sums of money. By the way, the size of the game table is 5x3. This means that there are five reels in the slots. This is also a good factor, as the paylines will interact with more symbols and bring more money. The last thing that affects the outcome of the round is, of course, the bets.

Betting process

Each player usually has his strategy regarding betting, but it is more important to find a game that offers a wide range of wagers. It is no secret that the higher the bet, the bigger the winnings in online casino games. And at She/He Club you can bet up to twenty-five dollars. At the same time, you can also choose the smallest possible amount, which is only twenty-five cents. This does not mean you must play the whole round with the same wager. The player can change it at any moment in the game.

RTP of the game 

Note that the RTP of a particular casino can affect the final amount of your winnings. The She/He Club slot casino takes about six percent of the money in total, which means that the RTP of this slot is 94%.


Thus, we have considered all the characteristics of this slot. In general, the She/He Club is a very cool game for lovers of partying. Those experienced players who have tried all popular slots must be impressed by something new and driving. At the same time, participants will not have to deal with any complex rules, because the game concept is quite standard. Even though this slot has been around for about nine years, modern online casino games find it difficult to beat She/He Club. To see this, you can always play the demo mode first. After all, you will know once you try it. Be brave and come to the She/He Club more often!