Troll Faces Online Slot

Troll Faces from Mr Slotty is an absolute must-play for all slot fans! Bursting with vibrant colors and a friendly theme, this game will have players mesmerized and enthralled. Plus, the trolls themselves are the stars of the show, with their silly faces adorning the reels. The background music is so jolly, you may find yourself clapping along to the beat! So what are you waiting for? Spin the reels and join the troll gang!

Troll Faces Graphic & Sound

The graphics and sound effects in Troll Faces are totally awesome-tastic, giving it a seriously cartoonish feel. Plus, the animations are as smooth as butter and the colors are brighter than a rainbow! The fast-paced, exciting soundtrack is sure to keep all players enthralled and on their toes. Gameplay is super simple and controls are a breeze - it's even got an autoplay feature that lets you sit back and chill while still enjoying the game!

Troll Faces

Troll Faces Characteristics

Spin the reels and let the wild symbols go wild! With 5 reels and 25 paylines, you'll be seeing the symbols whizzing around faster than you can say "Jackpot!" With an RTP of 96.3%, this game is as generous as a troll can be and you could be in for some big wins, as well as some losses. So grab your lucky charm and spin those reels!

Troll Faces Symbols

You gotta match all the symbols and characters to win big, like the card symbols from A to 9, the troll faces, the wild symbol, a big blue-grinnin' troll, and the scatter symbol, a yellow moon. When three or more moons appear, it's time for a bonus round, where you pick and choose items for some serious rewards! Go up levels and you can win even bigger rewards, plus some multipliers to multiply your coin rewards! Best part is, the more times you play, the bigger the wins!

Troll Faces Control Panel

Ahoy ye olde slot adventurers! Ye be sure to have a blast with the Troll Faces slot control panel - so simple, 'tis like a baby could use it! Ye can adjust yer bets and coin values with ease, plus there's yer maxbet button fer when ye be wantin' th' maximum wager. If ye be wantin' to let the reels spin themselves, there be an autoplay option that goes up to 100 times, but if ye be wantin' to take a break, just press the stop button and ye be in control.

Troll Faces Demo Mode

Lucky us! Mr Slotty has slipped us a nifty demo mode of the Troll Faces slot game. You can practice the game all you want and get the vibe of it without risking any of your hard-earned cash. Spin the reels as much as you want and see how the symbols interact. You can even check out the paytable and see what kind of prizes can be won. Get a feel for what kind of payout you could expect before you start rolling with real money!

Ready to take your chances? Craving that big win? Look no further than the Troll Faces slot game! You can practice your moves all you want without spending a single cent. That's right - free play! And when you feel like you've got the skills and ready for real money, activate three bonus symbols for your chance to win prizes or free spins in a special mini-game! What are you waiting for? Get spinning!

Do you wanna have a ball? Then spin the reels and give Troll Faces a try! With the demo mode, you don't have to worry about losing a dime and can spin to your heart's content! Plus, you can even access the bonus round and win special prizes. So put your money away and get ready to have some fun - Troll Faces is here to save the day!


Wowee! Troll Faces Slot is a truly thrilling and aesthetically pleasing experience. The graphics and animations are off the charts and the return-to-player rate is spectacular. Plus, thanks to the auto-play feature, ye can have full control o'er yer wagers. The game also has some stellar features, like the Wild and Scatter Symbols, which can be a big help in boosting your chances of' winning. Verall, if you are looking for a game worth a shot, Troll Faces Slot is the one you should be tryin'!