Wild Protectors Online Slot

We bring an excellent and detailed review of the Wild Protectors slot machine from a reliable provider of online casino slots EAGaming. For many years, this game has been pleasing its fans with exciting gameplay, good payouts, and a pleasant pastime.

So get comfortable. Let's analyze this game for you inside and out. And after 5 minutes, you can confidently spin the reels here. And even win a large sum.

Wild Protectors Slot - Monkey King

Wild Protectors Slot: Control Panel

The game control panel is at the bottom of the playing field. This is where you hate the essential function buttons—namely, settings, rules, reasonable control, and full-screen mode.

A little further is the button with information. Next comes the bet box. You can adjust the bet amount right here.

Next is the game start button. This is a vast round button with an arrow.
 You will distinguish it from anything.

To the left of it, there is a Power button. Click it to buy the bonus game.
To the right of the start button is the Autoplay start button. Here you can set the number of spins in automatic mode. The maximum value is 95 pieces. You can select a minimum of 10 auto-spins. Enough to drink tea or take a break, sit silently in an armchair, and watch the game.

All you have to do during the automatic spins of the reels is to drink tea and watch the gameplay—well, or not tea, but any other drink you love so much. The main thing is that your hands will be free. You don't have to press the start button every time.

Wild Protectors Slot: Bonus Game

You can independently choose how many free spins you wager by purchasing the Bonus game. It can be 5, 10, or 20 spins. It's up to you to decide.

Buying a bonus round costs 100 bets that the player has chosen. For example, with a bet of 4 coins, the bonus round will be worth 400. This scheme of calculations is used in many machines, not only by this developer.

Wild Protectors Slot: Slot Features

In the game's demo mode, you are given 10,000 conditional credits.
If they run out, don't despair. Just restart the slot again and start playing your favorite game. The developer does not limit the number of such restarts. Just like online casinos.

  • So, the minimum bet can be set at 0.01 credits.
  • The maximum bet is four coins.
  • The game has 25 paylines in total.
  • There are additional characters. Wild, and a scatter. Wild replaces missing symbols in a line so the player can claim their winnings. The wild symbol is made in the form of a monkey. But, it does not replace the scatter symbol.

If a player catches several scatters on the field, he gets free spins. It is essential to catch more than three pieces.

Also, for three scatters, you can multiply your bet by x200. Very tempting, right?

The base symbols are playing cards, and it is clear that they are the cheapest.

More expensive symbols are symbols with pictures. Here they are entirely consistent with the theme of the game - the ancient Chinese world. A Chinese woman, a samurai, a vase, a papyrus, a warrior, coins with holes in the middle - all these attributes help to immerse yourself in the atmosphere more deeply. And forget about your problems at least for a while.

Wild Protectors Slot: Demo Mode

Of course, the developer made sure that you can have fun playing the game, even if you have no money in your account. To do this, he suggests running the game in demo mode. So you can understand the rules, study the payout table, and see how often the slot pays and in what sizes. Finally, understand the mechanics of the slot. To then, already move on to the paid version of the game. Very convenient. We also think so.

The RTP in this game is about 96%. Volatility is also average. This means that the winnings will come up so often that you need more time to get bored and stop playing this slot. But, it cannot be said that the coins will pour into a mountain, no. But we can assure you with accuracy that the gameplay here is bright, the bonus features are fascinating, and free spins fall out quite often. So you are unlikely to get bored, especially if you like this game's theme and would like to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient China.